A Self Portrait Through Others 

A Self-Portrait Through Others is an analysis on how identity is affected not only by time, but also by the relationships we form around us. In this series I used long-exposure photography to capture portraits of family and friends who have been integral to the formation of my identity. In order to illustrate the themes of how a portrait cannot encapsulate a person's identity, and furthermore the identity of a person across time, I conducted interviews with each subject, asking questions ranging from our experiences together, to their thoughts on what identity means and how attached they feel to concepts surrounding identity and time. 

With the interviews being available via a link in the published book, my intention was for the viewer to access more intimate parts of my identity, and see these images as 'talking' self portraits through their own device that is also a manifestation of their identity through their connection with those around them. 

A photograph, and more specifically a self-portrait will never honestly show one's true self, therefore this project aims to dismantle the idea of using traditional photograph to show who we are.