If I Met you Now 

If I met you now uses a multi-medium approach to explore the effects that long-term relationships have on the development of identity and perception of reality. Drawing upon a personal narrative of a former 9 year relationship, this visual poem addresses the difficulty of growing up beside someone in a society that pushes for monogamy and the idea of 'soul mates'. 

Utilising found imagery, medium format photography, digital imagery, and spoken word, this piece uses pace and timing to emphasise the undulations and pressure of deep emotional entanglement. The roles within this relationship are never specified, the narrative is from the artist's perspective, yet the experimentation with imagery and sound complicates the experience, therefore reflecting how being with one person for their formative years complicates any sense of self and identity. 

If I met you now is a story of love. But it is also a story of loss, never knowing what could have been or what could be.